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In the harshness of midwinter, a trapper is crossing the Yukon with his dog. Struggling to survive, he attempts to build a simple fire.
To Build a Fire is widely recognised as a Jack London masterpiece and is a classic of American literature.

  1. Director
  2. Producer
  3. Co-Producer
  4. Composer
  • Fx Goby Fx Goby

    To Build a Fire is a Jack London’s short novel that has obsessed Fx since he was a teenager. He has since waited for an opportunity to turn that into a film and it’s thanks to samuel who came to london and forced Fx to start the storyboard that the film eventually was initiated!

    Fx Goby is a french film maker from Grasse (south of France), known for his use of strong storytelling both in animation and live action. He studied animation at Supinfocom, a pioneer in CG animation school, and graduated in 2006 with a short animated film En Tus Brazos,, that toured festivals around the world and won awards, including a Siggraph 2007 Award of Excellencep

    After living in Paris for three years he moved to London joining Nexus Productions, an Oscar nominated animation studio focused on short content and storytelling. There, he directed several commercials and music videos including a Coca-Cola Superbowl commercial in 2011. His second short and first live action film, The Elaborate End of Robert Ebb, won the Canal + award at Clermont Ferrand short film festival in 2012 and was subsequently purchased by the network.

  • Samuel Samuel François-Steininger

    Samuel François-Steininger founded Composite Films in 2013 after a Business School MBA in Lille and Paris, and 6 years working as a line producer for international primetime documentaries. Composite Films now specializes in the production of animation films, archive footage colourisation and restoration, and creation of new fiction and documentary formats.

    « To Build a Fire » is the very first Animation production released by Composite Films. It is also a consequence of a 12-years’ friendship and creative collaboration between Fx Goby and Samuel François-Steininger, when they met as young students.

    « We decided to start the production of the film together, then convinced a dozens of talented people to join us in the adventure. And with all those creative energies, we managed to produce the film within a small budget without making compromises on the art direction. For instance, with composer Mathieu Alvado, we managed to convince the London Symphony Orchestra to record the original music of the film : it was the very first time they did that for a short film! »

  • Chis Charlotte Charlotte Bavasso and Chris O’Reilly

    Charlotte Bavasso and Christopher O’Reilly are founding partners of Nexus. Over the last fifteen-years the London-based company has gone on to become one of the world’s leading independent animation studios. In 2009 Bavasso and O’Reilly produced the Academy Award nominated short animated film THIS WAY UP. The studio’s other extensive work includes two Cannes Grand Prix winning commercials, a Grammy nominated music video, as well as several coveted yellow and black D&AD Pencils.

    Together they have looked to foster a spirit of creative innovation and the studio has developed a reputation for its work in interactive storytelling. Nexus is developing a slate of VR projects, digital stories including an interactive storybook RADIO JONES and high profile interactive projects for the New Yorker and Google among others. They recently created the real-time animated VR short RAIN OR SHINE.

    With a 180-seat London based studio, Nexus also create long format entertainment. They have worked for BBC, Amazon Studios and Disney. The company is a recipient of the BFI Vision Award to develop features in partnership with producer Claire Jennings (WALLACE & GROMIT: CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT and CORALINE)

  • Mathieu Mathieu Alvado

    Mathieu and Fx met during a film festival in 2012 where they both fell in love for each other’s work. They decided then that they needed to collaborate on a project and when To Build a Fire was on its way, Mathieu was the first artist to join Fx and Sam in their journey.

    After studies at the Bordeaux Conservatory (6 first prizes in harmony, counterpoint, saxophone, musical theory, chamber music and deciphering), at the Saint Maur des Fossés Conservatory (harmony, orchestration and conducting), Mathieu earned 3 prizes (harmony, counterpoint and fugue) at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris.

    He has composed more than 50 short movies soundtracks, orchestrated and conducted twenty feature films soundtracks (Beauty and the Beast, It boy, 3 days to kill, Outcast, La French, HHhH, Human…) and many video games (The Adventures of Tintin, the video game, Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends). In 2012, he received 3 Jerry Goldsmith Awards (best composer, best music in short-live action and best song) for the score of « L’Attaque du monstre géant suceur de cerveaux de l’espace ».

    Over the years he had the great pleasure to conduct musicians from the London Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonia Orchestra, the Paris Symphonic Orchestra, the Paris Scoring Orchestra and the Star Pop Orchestra but also smaller bands for intimate musics.


  • Aesthetica Short Film Festival
  • 03/11/2016 – 06/11/2016
  • Official Selection

  • Anima Mundi International
  • Animation Festival
  • 25/10/2016 - 30/10/2016
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • 02/11/2016 – 06/11/2016
  • Sao Paulo
  • Official Selection

  • Klik! Amsterdam
  • 25/10/2016 – 30/10/2016
  • Animated Professional
  • Competition

  • Cambridge Film Festival
  • 20/10/2016 – 27/10/2016
  • Official Selection:
  • «Adaptation» programme

  • New Orleans International
  • Film Festival
  • 12/10/2016 – 20/10/2016
  • Animated Short
  • Official Selection